The new Trump administration and Congress are moving quickly on several issues that directly affect our membership, their families and worker rights.

- Efforts continue to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a clear replacement plan. Coverage until age 26, changes to Medicare and Medicaid, availability of plans, subsidies from employers... it's all under threat.

- Medicare could be converted to federal block grants, which means a lump sum (smaller) amount of money provided to states and county budgets.  But the states and counties will still be responsible for providing the care. Block grants always severely undercut the amount of aid received by states and are easier to cut going forward. 

- National Right to Work legislation was introduced on February 1st by Congressmen from South Carolina and Iowa. If this bill moves as fast as predicted, it could be on the floor for full voting within a couple weeks.

- Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court is, by all reports, identical to Justice Antonin Scalia. He is a conservative and we expect his vote on Janus (the new Friedrichs case which could undermine or eliminate agency fee deductions) to swing the Court against public sector unions.

Take Action!

There are "vigils" being held outside Congressional Representatives' offices every Wednesday through February. CWA members, community members, and others have joined forces to tell every NJ Congressional representative to "say no" to eliminating Medicare and health benefits for millions of people.

We need to turn out members and allies for these demonstrations every Wednesday. They run every Wed from 4:30pm-6:30pm. I am tasking all of us to join these vigils in a location that works for you - either close to the office or closer to home. Keep up the fight!


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