CWA 1036 is a proud partner of the March fro Science in Trenton on Saturday, April 22. 

As a union representing scientists, technical staff, and career civil servants working at the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health, and Department of Agriculture, our members are deeply committed to science-based and fact-based policy.

Our members practice science in ways that directly impact our daily lives:

...every time you drink water out of the tap, breathe fresh air in NJ, or enjoy the beach

...go hiking, biking, or swimming in a state park

...every newborn who is screen for dozens of chronic diseases so parents and doctors can give the right treatment at critical moments

...studied a cancer cluster or air emissions leading to asthma, or created an emergency response plan in case of terrorist attack or accident at a chemical or nuclear power plant

...enforced workplace safety laws and regulations

...initiated action against a polluter for violating environmental laws or discharge permits

...or acted in countless other ways to make sure government protected and enhanced your life through science. 

Join us on Saturday, April 22 in Trenton! More information here: