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The CWA State Executive Branch Bargaining Committee and the Murphy Administration are in formal negotiations to resolve all legal, contractual and retroactive matters. As members know, our contract expired in July 2015. Our bargaining will cover all issues retroactive to that date.


We have open clothing allowance disputes, litigation around step increases and other issues, and important contract language at stake. Both sides are working aggressively to resolve all outstanding issues quickly.


Bargaining will continue next week and we expect progress to continue until we reach completion.


The patience and solidarity of our CWA membership has bested every unprecedented attack on us during the last eight years. Please support the bargaining committee in this final push. Wear RED on Thursday (especially the next two weeks) and come to your Local worksite and membership meetings.


Brothers and Sisters,

Before the election in November, the State had provided a list of bargaining proposals to CWA which would have rolled back several sections of the contract, including PARs, removed workplace dignity from the contract, and other issues. We discussed many of these bogus proposals in previous bargaining updates.

 As you know, Governor Murphy took office January 16. Both CWA and the State have acted quickly since that time to get negotiations back on track and to clear roadblocks the Christie administration left in our path. CWA’s top priorities for our state executive branch membership are to settle our long-expired contract and resolve the dispute over stalled increments as quickly as possible.


Here is what we have done so far:

1. Christie’s challenge at PERC to block our increment grievance was removed from PERC’s agenda.

After the NJ Supreme Court ruled that increment grievances were arbitrable, Christie filed a petition with his hand-picked PERC Commission asking to block our grievance and arbitration. Governor Murphy and CWA jointly requested that Christie’s challenge be removed from PERC's January 25 meeting agenda. That request was granted.


2. CWA Is Acting Quickly to Open Contract Negotiations with the New Administration

We are setting up formal bargaining dates and the Governor is replacing Christie’s bargaining team with new representatives. We will bargain strongly but quickly because the issues are well-known after three years working without a contract.


3. Critical Appointments are Moving Forward.

Replacements are progressing for the Public Employment Relations Commission, the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, and the Civil Service Commission. PERC oversees arbitration and contract disputes. OER oversees state-wide labor relations issues and the CWA-State contract. The CSC oversees testing, seniority rules, classification and desk audits, hours of work, disciplinary appeals, and other important work rules that affect us every day.


4. In addition, the Murphy Administration has notified the Civil Service Commission to cease its effort to change rules on overtime.

The Christie CSC had proposed changes to OT rules that would exclude any benefit leave time from OT calculation and would make it harder for employees to qualify for FMLA.

By illegally stopping the payment of our increments, Governor Christie created a legal and financial mess for our members and for the new Governor. That mess has to be untangled. CWA members are rightfully anxious to receive what we earned and are due under prior contracts, but we are encouraged by the initial steps taken by the new Governor to quickly resolve our outstanding contract negotiations.

CWA NJ State Executive Branch Bargaining Committee

The State budget shutdown ended in the early morning hours of July 4th, allowing the state to resume normal operations on Wednesday, July 5. 

Assembly Speaker Prieto, Senate President Sweeney, and Governor Christie reached an agreement on compromise Horizon legislation and the Governor agreed not to veto any of the Democrats' budget priorities.

All state and judiciary employees are expected to report to work for normal business on Wednesday, July 5. 

Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators during the shutdown. More information will be coming in upcoming worksite meetings. 

On Monday, July 3rd, CWA will host a Tele Town Hall call at 11am to provide a comprehensive update and discussion. 

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Attention CWA Members:
We are reporting from the Assembly Chambers at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, July 1, 2017. 
The State of New Jersey is shut down because the Legislature and Governor failed to reach a budget agreement. Essential employees will be told to report to work and everyone else will be locked out of work until this budget is passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor. 
Representatives of CWA have been here at the State House at every Budget and General Session seeking to protect our members, our pensions, and State Services. 
We have been lobbying all day, every day, this week, along with many of our allies in labor, faith, and community groups. Unfortunately, Governor Christie is more interested in exacting final revenge on New Jersey than he is in negotiating a budget.




What should you do?

Call these Legislators* who are blocking the passage of a balanced budget. Tell them that a “no” vote or an “abstain” vote is the same as voting “yes” to a shutdown. This is unacceptable.
See below for Legislators we need to contact.

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