NJ State Executive Branch Members

NJ State Dept of Environmental Protection, Dept of Health, and Dept of Agriculture



LOCAL 1036 Voting Period: Thursday, March 7 through 2:00pm on Wednesday, March 20

Members in good standing are eligible to vote. Non-members may join to become members at any time.

Voting will be by secret ballot, whether in-person or online. How you vote is confidential.

Worksite Voting will be held in large work sites in Trenton. (See below).





1. Keep Your Current Doctors: CWA Unity plan is administered by the State Health Benefits Plan and Horizon, Aetna. Our new plan uses exactly the same networks of Horizon and Aetna as the current NJDirect (Horizon) and Freedom (Aetna) PPO plans. If you use NJDirect providers in Horizon now, they are the same providers as the CWA PPO plan. Same goes for Aetna users. We are using the same national networks of providers as the current plans. There is no change in this with the new plan. 


2. Open Enrollment: Do I need to do anything if I am moving from NJDirect to CWA PPO with the Horizon network? Do I need to do anything if I am moving from Aetna Freedom to the CWA PPO with the Aetna network?

Open enrollment for the CWA plan is happening between April and June 2019. The new plan will take effect July 1, 2019. Migration will be automatic from your current PPO plan to the CWA PPO based on your selected network, Horizon or Aetna.

If you have NJDirect with Horizon now and want to keep that network, you will be automatically enrolled in CWA PPO with Horizon.

If you have Aetna Freedom now and want to keep that network, you will be automatically enrolled in CWA PPO with Aetna.

Since we are starting the new CWA plan in July 2019, we will have a 6-month remainder to this year and then we will go back on the regular open enrollment and plan year schedule for 2020. Open enrollment for 2020 will be in October 2019. 

Deductibles, out of pocket maximums, etc. that have already been spent under your existing plan (NJDirect or Freedom) will carry forward to the CWA PPO for the remainder of the 2019 plan year. 


3. Pre-approvals: Any pre-approvals you have for the 2019 plan year for a healthcare service (bi-weekly injectables, for example) carries through to the new CWA PPO plan. You will not need another pre-approval. Remember, the network providers (Horizon and Aetna) are the same with the CWA PPO plan as with the current plans. 


4. Coverage Charts and Costs: Many of us have not looked at a coverage chart in a long time, or do not know the coverage limits for the current NJDirect/Freedom plans now. Looking at a chart for the new CWA Plan might be confusing, but these coverages actually exist for the current plants now. 

  • What is the In Network Coinsurance of 10%? This is the same as NJ Direct 15 and Aetna Freedom 15 now. A member will pay 10% of the cost of in-network specialty services such as ambulance, durable medical equipment, and prosthetics. This co-insurance exists in the current plans. The CWA plan is the same as current plans. Again, this is the same coverage level as the current plans, not a change. 
  • What is the Out of Network Coinsurance of 30% This is the same as NJ Direct 15 and Aetna Freedom 15 now. A member will pay 30% of the cost of out-of-network services, meaning a provider that does not accept your Horizon or Aetna insurance. This is the same coverage level as the current plans, not a change. 


ONLINE VOTING – Field Sites and Absentee voting

Online voting will be offered only for absentee voting and to members outside the worksite voting areas. 

Online Voting information will be EMAILED to members in worksites not listed above.

Ballots will be emailed to your work email address starting Thursday, March 7 and you can vote online any time until 2:00pm on Wednesday, March 20. 



Absentee ballots may be requested ONLY by calling the Local at (609) 530-0060.

Do not email your staff rep or steward. Absentee ballots will be cast online.


A report of final results will be broadcast to all members after voting closes on March 20th 






CWA is pleased to announce that we have a Tentative Agreement for a new Contract with the State Executive Branch and Gov. Murphy for a July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2023 Agreement.  The details of the Agreement are embargoed until we have a Tele-Townhall Call with our members and Shop Stewards on Monday, March 4. The Shop Steward call will be at 6:30 p.m. and the Member call will be at 7:30 p.m.  If you are a member or a shop steward and you have not been receiving calls for the Town hall meetings, please contact your Local so that you can receive the call.  We will announce the schedule for ratification on Wednesday and you will receive a detailed summary of the Tentative Agreement before ratification. 

In Solidarity, 

Your Bargaining Committee

John Rose, Local 1031

Patrick Kavanagh, Local 1032

Gaye Palmer, Local 1033

Adam Liebtag, Local 1036

Ken McNamara, Local 1037

Shawn Ludwig, Local 1038

Carolyn C. Wade, Local 1040

Hetty Rosenstein, NJ Area Director

Dennis Trainor, District 1 Vice President

Steven P. Weissman, Counsel


Below are the results of the Local Executive Board election concluded in December for contested positions:

Vice President, At-Large

Theresa Gonzales

June Gazek-Harris


Vice President, NJ State Professional Unit

David Harris 

Fariva Azad-Chauhan


Nominations also closed for Officers of the 1036-R Retirees Chapter. All nominees have been elected by acclamation. 

President - Christine Benson

Vice President - Joy Bastian

Treasurer - Lawrence Kane

Secretary - Toshi Abe




The nominations period for Local 1036 Executive Board officer positions closed at 5pm on November 16, 2018. Nominating petitions that were submitted by this deadline were verified on November 19th and results are reported below: 


Any office with an uncontested position is deemed elected. The positions elected after close of the nomincations process are below: 


President Adam Liebtag
Executive Vice President Lauren Young Boukema
Treasurer Richard Holmes
Secretary Hita Shah
Vice President, DEP Chris Squazzo
Vice President, DOH and Agriculture Ayemaung Maung
Vice President, Judiciary JCAU Cece Weber
Vice President, Judiciary PNCR Stephen Gaissert
Vice President, Local Government George Glashoff
Vice President, Local Government Billie Scelza
Vice President, NJ State Higher Supervisors Unit ("S") Michael Justiniano
Vice President, NJ State Primary Level Supervisors Unit ("R") Michelle Smith


An election is required for the following positions. An election will be held in December.

Vice President, NJ State Professional Unit ("P")

David Harris

Fariva Azad

2 candidates certified, one  position

Vice President, At-Large

June Gazek Harris

Theresa Gonzales

2 candidates certified, 

one position



Download Retro Estimate Worksheet & Salary Charts [Adobe PDF]

Members should recieve retro payments by 10/26/2018.

Above is a worksheet for State Executive Branch members to use to estimate retro pay. This is a useful tool to estimate retro, but the actual calculations and payments are being made by your Department's Payroll office.  The worksheet is an estimator - it comes close to the gross total retro that a member should receive. The estimate will be a few dollars off based on a member's anniversary date.

For members who had title changes (promotion, demotion) since July 1, 2015 to present, this will affect the final salary calculations. Unpaid leaves of absence will also affect retro.


Here are the steps to follow for retro inquiries:

1). State worker members all received an email from their Department's Payroll office with instructions if they have a dispute or question. Some Payroll offices circulated an "Inquiry Form" that the member can fill out and email to a specific address that is collecting retro problems. Members should complete that form or email Payroll - they should follow the instructions sent to them by their Payroll Departments.

Members should contact Payroll first - this is the lowest level of dispute resolution. If things are not sorted out with Departmental Payroll, then level two is to escalate the dispute to the Union.

Depending on the number of questions and disputes, Payroll may be scheduling meetings with members or call-backs within two weeks. Responses may not be immediate.

CWA will ensure every member receives every dollar owed. The State did not provide backup explanations for the multiple checks which has led to a lot of confusion. It may take a little time to work through problems, but the Union will enforce our contract and ensure every member is paid what is owed under the contract.

2). Please try to use the Estimate Worksheet.

Members should always be educated on their salary, their anniversary dates, and how the contract works. This retro situation is an opportunity for all members to take a closer look at the contract, how they are paid, and to be more aware of the process.

3). CWA staff will help with and respond to urgent situations as quickly as possible.

Thanks to everyone as we work through this. Let’s remember Chris Christie blocked step payments and refused to negotiate in good faith for three years. This created a backlog of raises that this contract successfully reinstated, but it’s a huge mess to cleanup. One more remnant of a bad 8 years.

To try to break the stalemate over a state budget for next fiscal year, yesterday Gov. Murphy offered a compromise to Legislative leaders that would reduce the corporate business tax imposed by the Legislature, phase in a small sales tax increase over two years, and raise taxes on millionaires. All these tax increases would generate new sustainable revenue that will balance the budget and create a stable funding source for future years. 


CWA supports a budget that increases sustainable revenue, including a millionaire's tax. The Democratic majority in the Legislature has previously voted multiple times to pass a millionaire's tax. The Legislature's current budget proposal is out of balance by over $800 million. This means we would certainly have a shortfall during the year that could force cuts to public services, to our pension payment or health benefits, and to other programs. 


Do you support an increase in state revenues from a corporate business tax and millionaire's tax?

Do you support increasing resources for public education, improving public transportation, and funding critical public services? 

Do you support the state making a full pension payment and living up to its contracts?  


Here are 3 things you can do to make a difference: 

1. Call Your Legislator Right Now! (609) 400-4763.

As to talk to your legislator or leave a message. Thousands of phone calls have been made and more are coming in every hour. Let's keep up the pressure until a better budget is passed.  


2. Come to the State House on FRIDAY, June 29.

It is one of the last days where the Senate and Assembly could vote to pass a new budget. NJ needs this showdown to be resolved on Thursday so we can avoid a shutdown of state government that could last a long time. 


3. Contact Local 1036 to stay informed of budget shutdown updates. 

Send your personal email address and cell number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This will help us send you regular updates about the shutdown if we are locked out of work. 


...And Call Your Legislators Again! (609) 400-4763. 

Please call your Legislators every day until the budget is passed. 

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Communications Workers of America Local 1036 represents over 7,000 members and working families in both the public and private sector. Our members excel in a variety of careers working for the State of NJ, the NJ Judiciary, county and municipal government, and the health care industry: blue collar, professionals, administrative, attorneys, scientists, 911 dispatchers, librarians, engineers, nursing home workers, environmental professionals, doctors, and more.

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