Nominate Tom Bruno to PERS Board - State Rep

Having strong Union representatives on our PERS Board of Trustees is critical to protecting the full funding we recently won and make sure membership has direct representation in decision-making. 

CWA 1036 has endorsed TOM BRUNO for re-nomination to the PERS Board - State Rep.

State Workers can nominate Tom Bruno here:

More about Tom: Tom Bruno is currently the Chairman of the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) Board of Trustees as your State Worker Representative. He is the first PERS Chairman to be asked to testify before the NJ Assembly on behalf of Pension members, and to ever litigate a sitting Governor (former Governor Chris Christie) in an effort to secure the state’s full pension payment for employee pensions. He understands and defends the contractual right of public employees who serve honorably to their full pension.

Tom has been a staunch advocate for public employees and is now up for re-election. In order to get on the ballot and continue to fight for public workers, he needs your help now. You can find additional information about Tom at If you access it from a mobile device, click on the three horizontal lines below the lower left corner of his picture to open the page tabs.

To nominate Tom, go to: