Communications Workers of America

January 13, 2016  

It was clear that Governor Christie’s State of the State speech yesterday was not directed to the residents of New Jersey.  The entire speech was focused on his presidential campaign and addressing the primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and elsewhere – in other words, people who have not seen the real Chris Christie like NJ has over the last six years.  

Christie said, “The job is not just talking a big game, it’s about tackling problems head on and being responsible for achieving results.” 

We disagree with Governor Christie.  For him, it is always about talking a big game.  In 2011 Governor Christie was on the cover of every newspaper proclaiming a non-partisan victory on pension reform.  Fast forward to 2015, not only has Governor broken the same law he was so proud of in 2011 by not making the required pension payment, but in yesterday’s speech he chose to blame public sector union members and try to pit us against every other citizen and every state program for those in need.  

While Governor Christie continues to spew rhetoric and accusations that public employees are a “special interest” he ignores the fact that the majority of his own political party voted in favor of chapter 78 and a 7-year plan to increase pension funding and increase employee cost-sharing.

Let’s stick to the facts….

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