The Local 1036 Education Committee announced and awarded the 2022 CWA Local 1036 HS Graduate, Child of Member Continuing Education, 1036R Retirees Memorial and Member Continuing Education Scholarsh

** The NJ COVID Testing and Leaves MOA has been extended through June 30, 2022.

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After all the hardship we have endured during the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot ask working people to sacrifice even more. Sign the petition to tell the Biden administration: cancel student debt!

Organized labor was built on the foundation of creating a pathway to the middle class for everyone. But skyrocketing student loan debt has become an insurmountable obstacle to achieving this goal.

The Biden administration’s decision to continue to pause student debt has made a tremendous difference in the lives of so many borrowers. But these borrowers still live with the uncertainty of not knowing when to drastically alter their finances in order to begin repaying their loans.

We call on the Biden administration to do its part to assist borrowers hampered by crippling debt.

Sign the petition to say you support canceling student debt!

CWA 1036 is supporting the AFL-CIO's campaign to cancel student loan debt.

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Be a Voter Today!

Today, June 7th is Primary Election Day. Polls are open until 8pm. Make sure you vote today to support candidates that will support working families and union households.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Once again Black people in our country have been targeted and traumatized by a violent white supremacist. Ten people were killed, three wounded, and millions terrorized in this racially motivated attack.

While this hate is senseless, it reflects a history of structural and systemic racism which has been given new energy by online communities that promote conspiracy theories, television personalities who legitimize them, and politicians who exploit them.

Congratulations to the newly elected Burlington County Negotiations Committee members: 

Superintendent of Elections: Nancy Coshland and Donna Loveman

Prosecutor's Clericals: Laurie Strucke

Supervisors: Tom Fox, Herb Dinger, Jerry Kilkenny, Library TBD, Public Safety TBD

Rank and File: Colleen Schaefer, Andrew Lovenduski, Scott Tymash, Pablo Antezana, Melissa Usack, Ellen Mittelstaedt, Greg Rindosh, Michelle Perry, Caroline Green, Kevin McGuigan, William Haines, Brian Sheehan

Elections for Burlington County Negotiations Committee opened at 5pm on Wednesday, April 13. The voting period closes at 5pm on Wednesday, April 20. Results will be broadcast after polls close. 

All voting is being conducted via secure online system. Members will receive an email to their work addresses with a secure link and code to cast votes for members who were nominated to represent their departments on the 2022/2023 bargaining committee. 

Please make sure to cast your vote before 5pm on Wednesday, April 20. Please contact the Local if you have any questions.