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Thanks to overwhelming pressure around the country by various activist groups and that of our members, the Biden Administration announced that it would extend the pause on student loan debt payments until May 1st, 2022.

Student loan debt affects thousands of CWA members and working people. We are joining the outpouring of energy to call on the Biden Administration to deliver on its commitments to cancel or forgive student loan debt.

May 1st, also known as May Day, is an international day of remembrance for those lost in the Haymarket Riots fighting for the 8 work day. Let us honor our brothers and sisters by ensuring that on this May Day we will have achieved one of the most impactful measures of poverty reduction around the country — the elimination of federal student loan debt.  

Recent News

Local 1036 has awarded student loan assistance 'scholarships' to thirty six - 36! - well-deserving members. The selected recipients of the awards will receive $1,500 to defray the cost of their student loans.

Congratulations to all and thank you for putting your education to work for the people of New Jersey. 

Nicole Kalaigian (Kozlowski) – DEP

Wayne Balfour – DHS

Vivian Harris – DHS

Emily Perez – DEP

Michael Sheehan – DEP

Melissa Francis – DHS

Concetta LaPergola – Judiciary

As our State Executive Branch membership was being scheduled to return to offices throughout November 2021, CWA negotiated with the State for a Memorandum of Agreement covering procedures around COVID testing and COVID leaves.

Discussions about a going-forward remote working program continue.

See the Summary and Full MOA documents.

Many union families include veterans, so Union Plus Mortgage Company is here to help by offering VA as well as conventional and FHA loan types with competitive interest rates.

Shout out to all our members of working in County Superintendent of Elections, County Clerks' Offices, and supporting the work at polling places. Sometimes we can take for granted how easy it is to vote by mail, by drop box, or in person on Election Day but it's the tireless work and endless hours of many in our CWA 1036 family that make that happen. They make sure the election is safe and secure. 

Thanks to all!